'Tis a sad day indeed.

yikes! this past week has been terrible! I really odnt know what to think anymore.

well last tuesday heres the synopsis of my day on rs:
-died to a team of tele’rs and safe eaters and lost ruby ammy and r2h
-died again to a HUGE team like monsterous and lost ruby ammy and scimmy
-havent made a pk due to tele’r’s and teamers.
-lost about 145k food included

-got a coool pk with a ruby ammy and an addy long but then died to a team and lost my rune scimmy ruby ammyx2 addy long
-lost about 60k food included

-went pking at night and owned a noob and got full steelwicked!!
-gave up

-played for 30 minutes and did a Deathmatch and the dude teled!!
-gave up/fed up



lost 3 scimmies:

  1. good fight and i actually lost
  2. Death DOT
  3. owned by a huge team of mage and rangers
    -cost: 100k including food

-died to a monsterous team and lost b axe and ammy
-died and lost r2h to a 4 man team
=cost: 130k including food


WHaT is this world coming too? :eek: ahmehgawsh i dont tele,safe eat team pk or anything. i actually fight with confidence. im sick and tired of wasting my food, my time and my money on this thing…i mean what do i have to do to get a 1v1 match against someone without 2 mages, a fighter and a ranger on me the entire time?

i only have 50k left over, in the past i’ve made over 2mill in pking rewards. anythign to get me on my feet financially or advice wise would be greatly appreciated.

TBH i had not a clue where to put this so i jsut put it here…

for the last time:
I dont tele,pray my wepons,team or safe eat. why cant anybody else??

well some people dont have honor…its just a bad week. It’ll get better!!

Some things can be worse than losing stuff like that… Some people lose 8m from people scamming them… Oh well, it seems as though that stuff should be easy to make up. Good Luck!

dont feel sad alot of people lose 10mil+ from scamming and hacking

Dude, people teleport, pray, and team because THEY CAN! The only thing I feel sorry about is the dude tele’ing in a dm. That’s not right, but there’s no rule that says “You’re a noob if you teleport, pray, or team.”

u should start teleing and teaming :yes:

Rby ammy? Is this in rsc?

No offence but you suck… If you F2P pk you bring a team and tons of food and tele runes if you wish to earn something. Nobody cares if you kill pick up then tele.

You are probably a good pker but you need a team in F2P (as i have found out on 13 occasions).

yes see, this is exactly why i dont fite ppl in like lv 13 wildy and t00f. i just fiteppl in the lv 1 place. so then i dont lose my money and stuff i werked hard for.

Pking can cost a lot. Maybe you should tele and safe eat. It looks like everyone else is being successful doing it. Maybe get a huge team to go around with.

Me, I’m willing to death match someone if they say so, but noobs attempt to cheat now days, I can never find a good oppenent for and old fashioned death match -.-

unlucky week for you, you’ll get over it. Remember its only pixels.

Maybe you should try going past 20 wild…? Lmao

o noes, you lost your pixels, and you cant pk :frowning:

quit rs then.

getinto a big clan and whoop but

U have the right to tele y not ur thick if u don’t in f2p world 3 if i am in a team I charge at any1 and call the name, we all pile hopefully we ko quickly

hey i rememeber you my clan killed you he he he maybe its not you too many kills too many people

Lol, ouch. I would bring tele runes so you can tele against pjers or clans, thats the only time i tele, i never tele one on one.