I think there should be a random event where a Large Fire/Water/earth/air monster called a “titan” appears and does a fair amount of damage (10-13) to everything on screen before attacking like a rock golem or river troll.
More info:
level ( if player is level)
50 (40 and below)
82 (41-75)
103 (76-100)
149 or 164 (101-120)
Happens when: Runecrafting, Thieving, or any combat type
says when appears: mortals leave here at once!
Drops: Addy or runeite ore (earth titan) Fire staff/runes or weapons (fire titan) Raw shark, swordfish, or mith equipment (water titan) A rare talisman or law runes (air titan) a dragon weapon (level 164 titan).

There should be a level 80 magic spell called “summon titan” that summons a random titan to fight for you for a while too.

wat about us in between? us lvl 41-54 ppls?

i think it’s a good idea, but they already have a lot of random events

I think its a good idea!

i love the idea im all for it

good idea, but the whole summon thing is bad. I already explained in joilojolio’s new skill idea why the whole concept of summoning wouldn’t work.

Havong a summoned titan would be like a humongous pet kitten that attacks lol :lol:

TheHighlyPkAbleOne your request granted level 84 titan is player lvl 41-75