To Duke Atreide, From GR

well, basically all u do is save the background, and at the end put ur name on it. u can put anything u want, a personal note, a part from a sig u made, anything that has to do with Duke, or GR. i havent made a background yet, partyly because i dont know the size, and i have to get off the computer very very soon. if anyone wants to make one, it will be greatly appreciated!:yes: ill edit this as soon as i come back

wats this for?

mumbo jumbo crapi rekon am i right? w00t i earned 5 cents w00t!

lol how???

x.x I dont get this, I’ll get a mod to lock.

yer good idea

I’m not going to lock it. I get the idea. He makes a background, and you guys put on text and after there’s many backgrounds with text we give it to Duke.