To MageKill

To ma main man Mageh :slight_smile:
I am new to CS2. Be nice :slight_smile:

Damn render was annoying me, it made the sig look bad. So meh I took out.

That’s really good, Mkm! It’s definately your best ever. Grats Mage :).

PS: Lmao. Advertising whenever you can, eh?

Thanks, and it has RSRush on it as he’s a G-Mod.

Yeah, I knew that. coughrightafteryoutoldmeonmsncough

Anyways, this is GR, right? :wink: :tongue:

Who passes up free advertising Alias?

Like I said on TR, I love it :smiley: Thanks a TON MKM!

No problem, it’s my best yet. Hope I can become as good as you and Alias one day :slight_smile:

Heh, thanks MKM :smiley: Both the sig and that comment mean a lot :slight_smile:

Hoping for more tips, I ain’t doing no more GFX Tonight. :slight_smile:

sweet bg, but text takes away. nice job

cool nice gift :smiley:

there’s a hyperlinked version…thought it would help:D

it’s good for a first at cs2

Ksouth, don’t you think he knows how to hyperlink? Duh, he’s Mkm! =D

He’s already hyperlinked it in his sig, you see.

no…i don’t…and i dont judge my actions by sigs…i judge my actions by posts…and then later when some one says “it’s in his sig”…then i see it inm his sig…basicly…my logic is no george clooney;)

amazing! should this be in avatars/signatures?