Today's Levels

Today I got a couple stats up, so Im showing off.

W00T!!! 4 LEVELS tilll WoS!!!

Feel free to rate:D

Nice lvls…what are ur stats?

I have 58 atk 57 def 62 str and 50 mage, 40 range.

^Not your stats, I asked cyber what HIS stats were…gosh!

Congrats on all the levels. Keep them coming.

eh, thx. As for the stats, ill put them in. Rate them plz!

His stats are in sig. NIce Job! :yes:

Do I get someone to rate these? And tell me what should I train?

Those are really good levels especially the magic level. By the way, what is WoS?

You dont know what WoS is? Its the clan headed by Azgolar and Handmedown! RSR’s unofficial clan! 1/10 rating please people!