Tomorrow will bring war

The King of the Hill competition is tomorrow, and in case anyone is interested, there have been some rule changes. The objective is now for the defending team to hold the Chaos Temple for 2 hours. Death still does not count you out, but if there are no defenders left at any one point, the game ends then. Once again, tomorrow the team for Good will stay in the Chaos temple first at 8:00 EST on world 30, and Evil will meet at the boneyard, where they will launch their attack from. I will be leading the Evil team, but we still need someone to lead Good. Good will wear red capes, Evil black. To take part, just show up with the appropriate cape before the attack time. There will be a second game Friday, the only difference being that Evil will try and defend the Temple.

Come and join the brawl.

sweet. Um can i ask what lvl wildy this is? and 8 EST is when? 8 o’clock on the east coast of usa?