Android Poop answer this

what the freak do you want?!?!?!?

u r a little @#%$@&^ who needs to burn in #&$@

ahhhhh u fool i should pk u in the wildy adn take all ure stuff lol.

i’d disembowel u and tie u up with your own intestines u ^%$#&*

i know im a n00b but im better than u, u [radio edit]

Uhh… You know, you could have just PM’ed this conversation… But other than that, if you guys are just gonna fight about who wants the name Android then please just go to the wildy and settle this like A_Poop said… I just don’t want the mods to get mad at you for this…

u still think mithril is cool u idiot

u still think mithril is cool u idiot

err guys chill out ii will be informing the mods bout this and u will probably get a warning

fine we willl stop this childish acts and by the way i like the color bule but i hae not enohg money for rune. lol.

we were just messing were done

friends or not that is spamming and swearing. pm it if u want to do that not pubicise it

sorry im done i didnt know it was against the rules