nvm i cant get the pic small enough to fit well any ways ya i got my total 666 but now i think its 670

psss, add the pic :slight_smile:

lol, yea, no pic?

ha ha, we owned you :slight_smile:

Are you the Devil? 666 is Devil’s numbers.

lol…the devil doesnt have ne pics to show us…darn…

Lol evil man cant use pictures

i tried but the pic is to big how do i make it smaller (im usinng paint and i cant find the crop button)

take the square button in the upper right hand corner and drag around what you want. once you have what you want selected, copy and paste it into a new paint file. now, save it as a jpeg and load onto imageshack.us.

No pic lol thats pointless…

OMG REALY? who knew that =p

[sarcasm] And there I was thinking this thread was completely pointless, thankyou for showing us the light! [/sarcasm]

this should be locked…

pming a mod

o rly?

What’s so wrong about it, he’s telling us his total level…
… Or maybe I didn’t read all the posts.

he was supposed to have a pic, but it went totally off subject :stuck_out_tongue: and he has only posted on it a few times

And Giku being totally against spamming and never done it himself has pmed a mod :smiley:

yup, but still it remains unlocked, sigh