has anyone notice that people really dont write back anymore to your topics they view it but they dont write something to join the conversation which can be a good one. I believe that in the off topic section people have lost interest. Another thing is why people dont vote on the polls(polls are probably the best subject to write something) , heree me out people you see a poll or a discussion that your simi-interested in then write back. I have 200 and something people look at my poll but only 10 vote comon thats outrages.
IF you have any objection to what im saying here plz write back give me a arument something IM BORED!

People may feel that the topic is not worth posting in. Maybe the post has nothing of the viewer’s interest. Sometimes, the things that they wanted to say were already repeatedly said. Maybe people like viewing and not posting (that’s what I’m like).

i feel you but check it out how can 215 people view your thread and only about 11 vote and 4 argue the topic? comon im not asking for everyone to vote but for a least 50 people you know make it interesting

If you’re talking about the PSP topics… well, you’ve made about 3 topics on that and maybe some people have posted in 1 and don’t want to repeat themselves.

yea im talking about that but others as well that ive noticed. plus the converasation is really no more that 4-6 people and i dont think its that much. people go to get into things and vote is my oppinion i mean i should just make a poll that says cats or dogs?

maybe thats exxiting

Well, I normally only post if I have something interesting to say. I also don’t post it if poeple have repeated it over and over, as many people like to do. I also find that some people post in absoloutly everything just to get their post count up. As for polls, they’re just annoying, I find voting on them a waste of time.

Yes I hate that, And I hate when I make the last post on my thread, but since its against the rules to double post on RSR I cant say BUMP (bring up my post) so either some one has to respond on my old topic, or it just basicly dies.

yea and then you that people would like it if they took the time to read! I BELIEVE most of the world is lazy and just day screw it would dont screw off a poll! all i want is for everyone to vote!!! lol just like i take my time to read ppls post and write on them i would like ppl to do the same and get in the argument! thats what rsr off topic is for!

I usually vote in the polls, unless I accidentally forget to… many people don’t vote because they get lazy, or they overlook a poll, though I don’t see how you can do that… people don’t post in some topics because maybe they have nothing to say, or they don’t feel like saying anything… or if everything is said already… There’s actually a lot of reasons for people to not post… I post when I have something to say…

I have a topic where nearly 1800 people have viewed it, but only 93 have posted. But then again, it is just me showing pictures, but it’s the thought that counts.

lol I have a feeling that when I post a topic dies :smiley:
lol,I just hope it isn’t the thruth…

:m1helmet: ~Pierre~