Torn page 1(s)

Ok, so ive been a member for about 2 and a half weeks and i was pitpocketing H.A.M members when i got a clue scroll. So when i finally got to the reward i got a few junky items like a black plate body but then i saw i got a torn page 1(s). Ive seen these things in trades and ive seen pepole selling them but ive never really knew what they were for. Ive head they sell for 100k. But then ive also heard they are for a quest. Could someone please tell me what this thing is used for? I got a hunch that this is from a torn page of one of those saradomin books, but i dont know… If anyone could tell me any info i would appreciate it! Thanks.

When you do the horror from the deep quest, you get an empty book of the god of your choice. There are 4 pages for each book. (s) means saradomin book. Use the book with the page. Once you get the whole book you get a few bonuses and can bless holy symbols.

I have a full saradomin and guthix book. Empty Zammy book.

Thanks for telling me this info.

Hey god-chaser how do u get more than one book?

just wondering…