Torn Pages?????

I know that this shouldn’t really be here but what do the torn pages do and what are the different books & how could i get one???

i think its the ghost ahoy quest were you get them, not intirely shure, but i think you get one of the books in a quest and than you buy incomplete ones.
An im guessing you use the incomplete book with a torn page (like a book of zamorak and u use all for zammy pages) and you get a complete book. but yet again i have no idea, hope that kinda helped…

thx helps a little,but still kinda confusing

The quest u need to do is Horror Of The Deep,u get a damaged book thne and by treasure trails u get pages for ur book :slight_smile:


u get a prayer book by collecting 4 different pages u can read from these books, 1 is guthix, sara and zammy, when u read u say something out loud like"may guthix bring you balance" and i think it gives u a better prayer.