Torture Allowed for the Greater Good?

We had this debate in English a couple of weeks back, and I thought that I should post it here.
Basically, do you think that we should be able torture people if we could find out information to stop terrorist attacks? It would be 1 life for 100, or 1000. Except also, sometimes an innocent person could get tortured…
What do you think?
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I think we should ban that just because it’s a terrible practice, and one that we have denounced numerous times. By taking part in and/or doing nothing about torture of prisoners, we’re really just being huge hypocrites. Part of the reason we went after Saddam was “supposedly” because he tortured many political prisoners and, oh, by the way, all you fellows down in Guantanamo Bay…

^ ^ MageKill needed to prove his points. :slight_smile: I know there are some grammatical errors, but he’s MageKill.

Well, I really do not condone the use of torture.

However, one for the good of many, is my personal motto.

In response to Magekills post (Note: I am not supporting torture here, just making a point), would you allow torture if it could save your family?
And I am against torture btw.
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Would you kindly not post anti-hol peoples posts… It defys the point of being in HoL…


The person should confess that they know something, before they do it. If the guy confesses that he knows who did it, and if he doesn’t tell, AND if it puts people’s lives in danger, then I suppose it would be ok.

True, but some of the tortures we’ve secretly carried out have been disturbingly cruel.

Years ago, a professor working with volunteer students found he could induce a state of virtual psychosis by simply placing them in a small cubicle, removing their sensory perception (gloves, earmuffs, and dark goggles), and wearing them out by having them stand with their arms straight out to the side. Remember the picture of the Abu Ghraib prisoner with the bag over his head and his arms extended out to the side with fake electrodes attatched to them?

Many of the methods we used were specifically tailored to break the prisoners as well. If I’m correct, Islam isn’t supportive of homosexuality, and even if it is, it certainly advocates chastity. So the guards had them take their clothes off and arrange themselves in suggestive positions. Think about it, Abu Ghraib wasn’t just random guards having fun. There was something frighteningly systematic and tailored to the tortures there.

Nor do I.

As pyscological torture becomes more effective, and more widely used, the effects will expand.

Pyscological torture doesn’t really mean “Fake” pain. Hmm… Lets use an example…

My ex would cry on the phone with me. Making me feel really piteous. Contrary to popular belief, I’m like, a major emotional softie. I don’t cry often. I don’t remember the last time I did. I also deal with pain quite well. She exploited my weakness. She may not have done this conciously, but she sure as hell did it.

Also, pyscological torture could also be made to take certain mind-altering drugs. Drugs that mess with your brain when your asleep, making you feel pain if you seemed to… I don’t know, get eaten by a shark in a dream. You’d wake up with red marks where the shark bit you, and you’d feel the pain. I know this, because I’ve had dreams where thats happened.

Another example of this “Dream” Pain. I went to sleep on night, and dreamt about basketball. This guy dropped a sword, and it hit me on the side. I felt teh pain, and when I woke up, I had a large red mark, and it was tender to the touch.

Although it could possibly save thousands of lives, like Un4gvn0 and MageKill have stated, torturing people because they have tortured people or killed people is quite hypocritical…it’s basically like an eye for an eye and I don’t think that’s a very good way to go about things.

In Machiavellian terms… As long as the ends justify the means, and by justify I mean overwhelmingly make up for one person’s suffering… And the Torturer must know that he knows what the torturer’s looking for lol

Lol, no, I don’t think we should be allowed to torture people for information. Sure it’d be nice and all to get informtion… but I think it’d get out of hand… And it’s rather disturbing, and sadistic. Besides, they could just give you false info. And a lot of terrorists are all about suicide, so they can go to heaven and have 50 virgins waiting for him? or whatever… so eh. Whatever.

If we torture them, their government can torture our guys. It’s a humans rights thing. Amnesty would have a cow =P


They already do toruture our guys you :censored::censored::censored::censored::censored::censored::censored::censored::censored: