What adult in their right mind would do that?!

yea u never knew that?

to your question “What adult in their right mind would do that?!”
the kind of adult that finds playing with Toy Horses fun

those are old… i guess u just never seen them before =]

yea they are pretty old…actually toy horses. werent those in RSC?

lol…there from rsc…so yes they are like 5 yrs old

lol they also have spinning plates…but those things are seriously a waste of money…

I just joined in May, and I was wondering how people did that “Come on Dobbin, we can win the race!” thing without it appearing in my message box. At least, until I bought a toy horsey. And yeah, the plates are a waste of money. I learned that the hard way. Also, I knew about this stuff for a while. I just didn’t bother to buy any toys.

lol…theres still the yo-yo and the rubber chicken…

there not from RSC -_- and 5 years ago is when the game was invented

lol what with noob armor

Lol…it’s been about a year since those came out. (Last April to be exact.)

um ok thts strange