Trade + Price Check on Easter Egg

Bought this 2 days before easter:

What is it worth now?

hmm…last time i saw some1 was selling for 3,4 mil…dont know the exact price tough…

Its gone right down arch, that wasnt very clever thing to do was it?
i think its around 2.2mill now, pumpkins are 3.2mill. I sold mine for 3.8mill at easter, buy be4 holidays arch not at…

doin’t buy so close to holidays because prices sky rocket…its cheaper than that is all i have to say

well don’t sell it till next easter or never sell it coz the price will soon rise again

Yeah i made the same mistake i bought a easter for 3.1 mill and items totalling about 300k 2 days before easter as well. Now the price needs to rise!!!

Ouch. 2 days before easter? The prices tend to start going up a few weeks before. 2 days before there at there peak. They tend to fall on the day when everyone is selling.

Nice easter egg anyway. There good food for PKing I hear.

rofl yeh they heal 50hp

the current price is 2.4 mil it is expected to rise back up in the next month of so to 4.8 mil (estimate from 9 lvl 100’s)

I suggest that you keep the egg till it rise back up again,
That is what im gonna do

Yeah bad decision arch…keep it till next Easter. Estimated price: 5 mil

ouch, sounds like you got jipped, ownz him in the wildy if you ever see him 0.0


if its really 2.2-2.4m i might buy one after i get a d scim, finish monkey madness and selll gr8 axe. I doubt i will tho

For the record:

It’s not a bad desicion in my book. I have plenty of pixels, not to worry. I have played Runescape longer than basically anyone on the site - I know price trends. I knew the price would probably fall after Easter, but I wanted an egg then :slight_smile:

I was around when party hats and santas, etc were dropped for the first time - they increased from 5k to 50k to 500k and so forth. The price of easter eggs will rise eventually, of that you can be sure.

I bought it because I want an easter egg - and it will be a good long-term investment.

Just make sure you dont accidently eat it :yummy:

I always note it when I withdraw it :slight_smile:

If only u’d been patient tho, would of saved ya self almost 1mill…

^ Which I can make back in a couple of days. Like I said, I felt like buying an easter egg :slight_smile:

fair enough, if u feel like buying anything else at a high price, pm me and i’ll sell :tongue: