Traded my white p hat

yep i traded my white p hat for this… and 800k =)

just hoping that santas will rise to about 5.7-6mill each =D
the guy that was talking to me on private chat was the 1 who sold it to me =)
EDIT: i only did that because i lost 1.5mill at duel arena and was cleaned… only had my white p hat so i couldnt do much =(…

Perhaps taking off the white p-hat owner bar siggy, and make it proud 12 santa hat owner :P…How much is it worth?

oops gonna do that now ^_^… white is worth around 63-64 i beleive

How much is a white p-hat worth then?

great trade thats like 4.9mil per santa wish i could make those kinda deals lol too bad i only have 15mil

Oh wow. IF they rise and if you sell, will you get a white phat again?

probably white with whip or 2 purples if i can afford either 1 =]

:eek: holy crap.

phr33 santa pl0x! lol nice prices will be like over 10m for santas on xmas

thats nice profit :smiley:

wewt…good job bry!
now lets hope those santas go up

i bet on christmas day and christmas eve prices will skyrocket to about 10 mil or so

Hello my friend, do you wish to donate a santa just for me to merchant? :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s what everyone wants…

i dont think they will reach 10mil anymore, noone will pay that much, I think they will top 7mil. and i wouldnt go with 2 purples, I have been told they are harder to sell/merch for a decent price

Now, to let me “borrow” one of your santas…:D. Good trade.

Fr33 S/\Nt@ pL0x! lol no…i’m serious, lol. You should let trusted members borrow theem for the RSR christmas party…=-) in other words…HOLY ****!

lol fallon ^_^…

wow 12 santas

Whats the point of getting that much Santas??? To merchant or something?