tradin laws for herblore items

ok i really need to get herblore up so here is wat i need

unicorn horn- 2 laws each

2 guam leaves-1 law

harrlander- 3 laws each

tarriom- 2 laws each

limprut roots- 2 laws each-

vials(empty)- 1 law each

ranarr weed- 5 laws each

spider eggs- 2 laws each

2 choclete bars- 3 laws

pm me so we can talk about dese items or add me in rs and talk to me so u can tell me where we can meet up

I can get you A LOT of eggs just PM in game - Lutenist

How many laws you got?

Cause I could get you like 20+ eggs?

EDIT:::I can also get you empty vials!

We can trade tonight ill have “A LOT” of vials and eggs? OK?

also plz ill trade all unids for 2 laws each and plz do not reply in the forum send me a private message ty

Hi i know u aren’t mean’t to reply in this but what is ur username and how many uni horns, empty vials, harrlanders and limpwirt roots (i have 2 roots, 3 harrlander, 7 uni horns and 5 vials) 8)

:twisted: nicko265 :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: