Trading A Red Headband for a brown or black 1!!!

i have a red headband and i am willing to trade for a brown or black 1 :smiley:

plz? :frowning:

will ne1 trade me :frowning: :frowning: :? :?:

dude dont TRIPLE post my god…

i cant help it, im in urgent need, and ur not a mod by the way

nice sig, the one all the way to the right, what the heck is it?!

by the way, whats the big deal abot multiple posts in a row, i meen really, whats so bad about it??? :?

First of all alpaca, don’t EVER triple post, then double post. And dao, don’t moderate. Double posting is bad because it is spam.

You said you want a brown headband, I am trying to get rid of mine.

ok, ill trade u