Trading potions for herbs!

I have recently been working on herblore for legends and need some herbs bad so I will trade you finished pots for its appropiate herb. The pots and hers as well as quantities are as follows:

Attack Potions-guam leaf (219)
Anti-Poison-Marrentill (81)
Strength Potion-Tarromin (87)
Stat Restore Potions-Harralander 13)
Energy Potions-Harralander (26)
Defense Potions-Ranaar Weed (4)
Prayer Restore Potions-Ranaar Weed ( 38 )

If a f2p player wants strength pots, I ask for 2 limpwurt roots per pots.

Hope to get some people to trade to help me on my quest for members!

EDIT: I am also buying any of the above mentioned herbs!

I am working on the same thing, but I have a suggestion that might help…Just buy lots of guams (you can get them for under 500 each) and make yourself a ton of pots. I just make them, then empty the vials and make more as no one uses those pots.

I’ll see how this goes, and may just buy ranaars make tons of prayer pots and sell 3k each…