Trading Rune Items For Big Bones/coal/nat/etc

READ or Ignore

DO NOT BARGAIN me in game! or I add to ignore!!!
Do not ask the prices again in game I won’t reply!!! Keep on saying hello hello u know wat gonna happen

Ammies - All Enchanted

Defence Ammy - 5 Big Bones
Magic Ammy - 5 Big Bones
Strength Ammy- 10 Big Bones

Full Black- 50 Big Bones ONLY
Full Addy - 60 Big Bones ONLY

1 Rune bar Item
Rune Axes(hatches)/Mace - 50 big bones per
2 rune ores per
110 coals per
200 iron ore per
70 nature runes
30 Steel Bars per

2 Rune Bars Item
Rune Scimmy/Long/Large/Helmet - 100 Big Bones

400 iron ores
200 coal
120 silver bars
120 natures
3 rune ores
60 Steel bars per

3 Rune Bars Item
Rune Battle Axe/Warhammer/Leg/Kite/Chain - 150 Big Bones
600 iron ores
300 coal
170 natures
4 rune ores
90 Steel bars per

I only Trade plate for Big Bones, Do not ask again in game or I put to ignore!
Rune Plate - 250 Big Bones
250 Big Bones

RuneScape is: Onestrike

Message me in game first

u no that sort of attitude isnt rlly good for ur business

can i av a full rune wiv rune b axe and rune kite and hachet (i dont know how much bi bones dat is)

My Private Chat is alway on for public, just message me in game

umm i will take a full addy

im gonna get you iron ores for rune kites and battle axes
username:Goku Dinky

I will take 2 sets of full addy and 1 rune scimmy. I will get your 220 big bones in a either today or later on tonight.

To contact me in runescape (kingsparky17)

my m8 wants rune legs and chain and b axe, his rs name is dragon kid93

I’d like a rune platebody and a rune hatchet plz. i plan to give u the 250 big bones for platebody and 200 iron for the hatchet if thats alright, i should have the stuff by tomorow. rs name- Salmon887 thx

ok i have all the bones were do we meet to finalize this trade?

i have 2 questions…

  1. Do you have your private chat turned on?
  2. Why aren’t you on if ur chat is turned to public mode

i’ll take a rune legs & kite … add conquest_war in game

I’ll take a rune full helm, long, and kite, just gimme time to get coal. I’ll contact you as soon as i get enough.

My rs name is koga07.

ok i will get u 800 big bones for runepl8body runelegs rune kite rune full helm and rune b-axe it will take me a while so i pm u in game wat is ur name on runescape?

off topic: lol onestrike we nmeet again lol it me lu bu i used to get u big bones whne i was lvl 40 lolol i had u added for ages but u never logged in so i had to sel my 1k big bones =( andyways nice to see ya

ill take full addy ill get you the bones by tommorow add hoodlum0

could i get a rune chain and legs for 600 or 700 coal? if so plz tell me in the game my rs name is viking kill0 i am on at random times. or i will take the chain and legs for 1200 iron ore.

i will take a rune b axe for 600 iron ores…

what times are you on?

Hello. Umm…i would like a stren ammy. I’ll get some rune items as soon as i get enough big bones. Can you contact me in Runescape? I’m getting the big bones as soon as possible. My user is darkfire164f. :roll: :roll: