Training mage...

Ok, I have 52 mage and going to 59 mage. What should I use to train (minds/chaos/death) that will use the least money? I’ve spent more than 700k on runes so far, and I’m getting low on money. And where? I have been killing the caged the lesser and have gotten 3 rune meds, so should I keep doing that?

member or not?


Oh, and I’ve only started mage 3 days ago :).

if i were you, i would fight alot of those wizards south west of Faladar with melee attacks. ive gotten alot of runes from that and for mind runess use rune ess

non members then do minds since ypu can make those yoir self with airs then do wind blast

Wouldn’t that takes ages?

ope cause you get exp by damage and the higher mage you get the higher you hit and this is also the cheapest(chaos 130 each death 270 each minds/rune ess/make them yourself almost free =)

Yea, and I don’t rc at all.

i got my mage from 55-60 by using 11.5k airs 5.5k fires and did about 5.5k fire strikes.

don’t you also need mind runes?

Chaos at lessers. good luck!

sorry i got mixed up i didn’t use 5.5k fires i used 5.5k minds with a FIRE STAFF !

u messed up again do you meen 11.5k minds 5.5k fires and air staff

buy high alching runes, and get steel plate bodys, high alch them and bling :slight_smile:

u should use wind blast, it hits hard and get lots of exp and u only need air staff and death runes

I can’t high alch yet, I’m only 52… Ok, I think I’m gonna do minds (if no1 buys them) and chaos at lessers then. Thanks all.