Treasure Hunters

Is anyone here a treasure hunter because it is my dream to become one. i am 74 combat and 50 ranged (i can range and melee werewolves easily) can anyone give me any pointers i am going to start when i make my arrows and when im 76 combat please give me tips!

Get the gear and the looks, i would go for, full black dragonhide with ranger helm and full accessories, get the spade and clock and other things and do your trails…

Ya put a Tan Cav. on too and store up ya laws :wink:

I have the sextant etc. i used to do a LOT of level 2s lol

food, antipoisons, prayer for sara, zammy wizards on lvl 3 co ord clues
i like to kill green drags to get lvl 3
always have laws, and most of the time make sure you can get almost anywhere in the game, so u dont get a clue where u cant get into
when i go into wildy i take:::food, prayer pot, antipoison pot, spade, chart, watch, sextant, clue, tele runes, d long (DONT WIELD PKERS WILL BE MORE ATTRACTED TO KILL YOU)
also may be good to have a good website to help with riddles, co ords etc (lvl 3 clues can be real hard sometimes)

I use tip it for clues and why take a d long to wildy if u dont weild it?