Treasure Trail Log

Just recording what I’ve gotten from them so far. I plan on heading out to kill green dragons in hopes of a level 3 clue.

my first treusure trail was full black (g) was the first and only1 i guess i git the scroll from the first rock crab i killed with my cannon

cool good luck hope ya get some good stuff when ya get that level 3 clue scroll

Lie…You can’t get full black (g) in one treasure trail…

Nice log =). Keep it up!


yes you can its just totaly random what you get and why is it on runehq that you can get a FULL SET of black (g) black (t) etc. from it?

You can get pieces of the armor from it…

I’ve never gotten full black from a clue scroll. It took me several pieces. I really want full black (g) or (t).

lol liars these days…sayin u can get full black g in one treasure trail…those people have to grow up

The best thing i have got from Treasure Trails are Drag Hide Legs, Mage Longbow and 100 Nature Runes.

my best is robin :slight_smile:

My best was probs 2 zammy pages and a white berret :stuck_out_tongue: along with a black(g) helm