Treasure trails

im a new member sort of and i want to know what and how to do treasure trails.

like what do i need?

get a clue scroll from a monster like…guards, barbarians, or goblins and things like that. Not everything drops clue scrolls.

What else?

ive herd about charts and sextants. where r those?

quote from runehq:

Every time you go treasure hunting, you must ALWAYS bring the following to save loads of time: -Watch
-Clue Scroll

The other items are best to make the trip as smooth as possible:
-Rope (mainly for waterfall, I see that it is one of the most common coordinates)
-About 100-500gp (for expenses, e.g. traveling to Karamja/Brimhaven)
-Any weapon (just in case for any reason)
-Runes, recommended runes; 5 Law, 3 earth, 3 fire, 3-4 water (Ardougne teleport) and an air staff/battlestaff
-Wizard’s Mind Bomb if your magic is too low to cast certain teleport spells
-Amulet of Glory(4) (easy teleportation)
-Some food, you may need to run past enemies
-Boots of Lightness (reduces your weight)
-Anti-poison pots (you never know)
-On level 3 clues you will be attacked by a level 108 Saradomin wizard or level 75 Zamorak wizard (in wilderness) as you dig, so be prepared to fight: bring an antipoison, use prayer; it is advisable to turn on magic protection!


thx but where do i git charts and sextants?

Talk to the dude in the observatory, he’ll tell you where to get them.

~ ewok