Tresure trail (lock thisd post plz im done)

This tresure trail is soooooooooooooooooo stupid!!! It tells me to go 2 sum place (which was varrock) and then i have to open a chest and on the chest it says: “property of the clock tower monastry” or summit like that. Anyway i check and it says i need 2 go 2 wildy and kill black heather in bandit camp, so i think thats strange because the chest tells me to go to clock tower. Anyway I try killin black heather she doesnt drop the clue so then i go 2 clock tower (with clue) and talk to brother thingy and i have done quest but nuttin happens!!! I also searched the crates and stuff in the surrounding area. Just this second i have thought maybe i should go 2 talk to her. ah well.

Come on people someone has to know somthing!!!

Wow so know one knows what the hell im on about i really need help!!!:frowning:

ok i went on rs bits and bytes and it helped so im done