Trick Humour

A few months ago pretty much everyone had a clevered disguised link in there signature, leading to a site called troutwars. Troutwars (for those who don’t know) is a website where you sign up and try and get as many people to visit the link they give you. These would be hidden in things like “FREE MONEY” and things like this. As many people was getting sick and tired of getting caught out, Duke banned have these in the signature.

I have noticed lately they have been coming up again with a hoster where you have to suck so many peoples brains. This is exactly the same thing as troutwars and therefor, Duke probably wouldn’t approve. I’m not sure whether he banned those links altogether or just troutwars but they are getting really stupid. Take my advice and remove them before we have another war and more people getting banned. I am not trying to spoil the fun but I have to admit it is getting really annoying.

We at RSR are privilidged to even post links to other sites! You go to places link RuneHQ and you aren’t allowed to post links to sites except links to other threads.

Just wanted to let a few of the newer members one of the un-written rules.

Handmedown :slight_smile:

And, also, the mods figured out that they have a virus!

Well, that as well…

They are stupid and pointless. What do you gain from them???

Trout wars has already been banned so that’s been taken care of… Though I’ve been seeing situations with similar sigs that relate to Trout wars… Only just a few times, but I have seen them… That was before I went on break and I haven’t seen any so far yet… So I think we’re ok…

Here is an example… (sorry whoever’s this is, I just grabbed the first one I could see)

Handmedown :slight_smile:

Edit: Sorry everyone I didn’t see that Jacob had already posted something like this… but I suppose this is more of a broadened scope…

What do those links have on them? I was scared it might have a virus or keylogger so I never went there…Is it just another stupid message like Trout Wars? Like “Haha, you got fooled!” or something along those lines? 'Cause if it is, I think that Trout Wars and this site should be banned and probably other sites like them.

Werent these the links that contained Viruses and keyloggers which caused most of the hacks here on RSR?