Troll Romance Quest (All Quests Complete Again :))

These Are a few pics from me doing the troll Romance quest :).

This is From HalfWay Through The Quest, So i cant make a guide.

These Are The Quite Impressive Ice Gates (notice its snowing 2)

These Are The Ice Trolls, There All From Lvl 120-124 (Don’t Worry There Non-Agressive, PHEW.)

HeHe, Me Ready To Slide Down The Snow Slope (WEEEE)

Me Sliding Down The Hill, HeHe, It Was Fun :slight_smile:

These Are The “Rare Flowers” (TrollWiess) At The Bottom Of The Snow Slope :slight_smile:

This Is “ARRG” The Lvl 113 Troll You Have To Kill (Don’t Worry He’s Easy With Prayer)

Here’s Me Fighting Arrg, Hitting A Nice 24 On Him.

And The Quest’s Complete :slight_smile:

Aww, Arrg Is Scared Of Me.

I Know Its Not Much To Rate, But RATE 1/10 Anyway.

i finished quest 2 hours after it came out :stuck_out_tongue: didnt take as many pics, sent guide to duke hopefully itl get put up this year? :stuck_out_tongue: 9.5/10

nice 9/10 I especially like it when i see it says you fall and HURT YOURSELF!..No just joking. You must be one of the first thousand to finish it,(as there are like 50,000 member players) Congrats and well done!

krazy killaz, theres more like 400,000 players in total lol…but most of them are lvl 3s, or people that have quit.

P.s, i did this quest the second i saw it came out, but i only posted this now lol.

2 words
took me like 10 mins to complete
i think monkey madness has been hardest by far

oh right sorry then. I dont think it matters how many lvl 3’s there are but how many are active.

2 words,

I KNOW lol…it took me like 10-15 mins to complete, and yea, monkey madness was hardest so far :O, but the most fun aswell…all the peeps working together, tryna get out of the jail lol.

i#m gonna do it i been a member for 2 days and i done 7 treasure trails and 19 quests memba i done all ree quests easy

fair enough :slight_smile: lol, all quests are pretty easy.

looks flashy

9/10.Looks like you had quite an adventure. :slight_smile:


oh yeah sorry 4got 2 mark err 8/10

it was an easy quest, i posted a few pics too the day ti came out

i know its easy lol.

arrg hit a 29 on me lol ive done all quests too except for haunted mine which i dont really feel like doing.

blink, you should do haunted mine, its easy lol.

you wanna know something really bad…i gave up doing the new quests for a while after the jungle one…trio bla bla whatever its called lol.
pics 9/10

looks like fun

Theres a new quest called Search for the Myreque. Get some good pics of that please.