True Confessions Of Saradomin

This is my story about the true Saradomin

True Confessions of Saradomin

I Saradomin now make this announcement to show thy people who I really am. Many among our legion think of my humble brother Zamorak to be evil and to have created the land we call the wilderness, alas this may be true but I Saradomin was the one that turned it into a hell on Runescape where many warriors, rangers and mages alike fear to tread. My petty brother Zamorak created this land to be a sacred and holy place in which ordinary people can show their loyalty to him and Guthix alike. When I was not informed of this I was outraged, I went to this land and destroyed it! When I saw that weak, little blunderer crying because land was unholied I felt a calling, a calling like no-other I felt joyous of this terrible event and suddenly I could not help myself I ran towards him, took him by the neck and made him swear on his loyalty he would never mention this to Guthix ever. Three days later Guthix stood before me, he told me that he had heard a terrible thing, and then he told me that I must leave. I could never leave my heritage so I fled to my brother for help. When I finally found him he told me he could not take it anymore and had to tell someone, it took me a minute or two to realise what e had meant but then it hit me, he had told Guthix about the wilderness! I felt so much hatred for my brother that I stripped all his power from him and transformed him into a black cat, always to wander the streets in search of a helper. I gave him a horrible common name “Bob” but he called himself Zaros…

To be continued :-p

Lol, it’s all true!!! =D

lol nice…

i like that

uh so your saying saradomin is evil and zamorak is good??
btw is this all true bob is really zaros saradomin is evil he made the wildy and zamorak is nice?

lol, i liek reading that! keep em coming that is good

(its true!!! zammy is bad cys when i was in wild i foloowed him while pking and he led me to level 60+ clan wihjt like 100 ppl in ti and i was killed, the clan was called…the zamorak force…

lol bud,

The Wilderness was not created by Saradomin, or Zamorak. i see that it was created by and for the Balance of Runescape.

so saradomines the evil one? man i gotta change my sigs!

Jagex created the story of Zamorak creating the wilderness. I made this story up about Saradomin hiding his true personality and making Zamorak seem evil :expressio

DUDE lets just say their all evil and have them spawn in deep wildy and they drop god armor

Pretty good…

Well written and with a good imagination. I suspect you prefer Zamorack to Saradomin…right? :stuck_out_tongue: Anyways…I am looking forward to the continuation. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:gangster: ~Raven

that was really creative, and good.