truth about eek a mouse....

i know this shouldnt go under screens, but yall were calling him a liar…i think thAT the picture is his main…eekky is the rune scape name…that should show yall for calling him liar

???What are you talking about???

yea i’ve traded with him and his rs name is eekky
and red he’s talking about ppl were calling eekky a liar for his pic about him having full dragon

I also have no idea what youre talking about.

eek a mouse made a thread called looking what i got and it was him in full drag. evryone called hm a liar because eek a mouse is f2p and his main(in the picture) eekky . so they started calling him a liar.

Yeah, you’re right. I’ve traded with him too and his username is definately eekky.

lol u ddint have to make another thread mate. theres a thread called looking what i got today! which was locked by admins, check it out if u want to no what hes going on about lol

It just shows that most RSR users support you and you have great infuence amongst these forums.

i wouldnt say that, only the few people who sell to me maybe

Yeah but you’re know enough to have people on you side.

Yea…i dont get what the big deal is? are ppl like denying that its really him or…?

i made a thread and got flamed for being a lier, thread is locked and on page 2 of this forum.

plz mod delete or lock this thread

the picture with the 77 in full dragon a lil while ago

(it was real i can verefy i saw him at the duel arena)

this topic should get moved