turn off all your lights this pic might scare you!!

be blind! mwhahahahaahahahahaha

how is this scary? lol you just have to make 2 clicks and that happens…invert colors

it doesnt really scare u that much

Thats awesome

the “this pic might scare you” part waas sopposed to make you turn off your lights and come on this topic so your eyes would burn…

crazzy pic

that hurts my eyes kind of cool

lol :lol: funny…

but i can see your dealing with balck robes black (g) full helm and Kite… and Black Bax?

I guess the pic is kinda cool…

lol i read this during the day so it didn’t hurt my eyes, though just for a laugh, tonight i will look at it with no lights on. :slight_smile: am i crazy?

well…i was wearing black kite (t) priest gown and black b axe black full helm (t) not (g) :smiley:


uh huh.

thats cool