\\ Two New Signatures \\

Hallo :sly:

Here’s my two newest signatures. I’m using them on ChaosGFX now.

[RIGHT]Rate, or use proper C/C if possible. Thanks ;).[/RIGHT]

wow I like them…thjey are both good but on the second one a little too bright and i dont see a border so yeah thats all i have to say

Hmm, I think I’m going to not post my signatures here at GR anymore. You guys are too old in style for these. You just haven’t got a clue in modern GFX.

I like them perfectly the way they are. You’re right, GR isn’t ready yet, for default fonts and such. I am a personal favorite of the first one, the halo one. The effects on it are phenomenal. The colors blend well, almost looks as if he’s in dirt or something. The second one has some hardly visible, but great effects. The contrasting of the signature is bright, and the font selection is fitting in perfectly. As always, you’re doing great Alias.

Well i like the sigs but i ain into that New ChaosGFX Stlyes

Your just to into That ChaosGFX style…

That may be true, but some of us “have a clue.” :expressionless:
Phoenix does, I do, and a bunch of other people do.

The first one is ok. The text is pretty bad, no offense. And plus, it looks like just a few filters.

Second… I don’t like it. The red is odd, and the brush on the left ruins it. Text is ok, but im not a fan of huge text. Add a border.

kool sigs,… i still dont know how 2 put on letters…

The first one: Seriously, just plain ugly. The render should be at least a little blended for the smallest lick of attractment. The brushing is repetitive, the font is ugly, and placed bad. I give it a 6/10.

The second one: It is okay. The render looks out of place though. The brushing on the left is fair, but it could definitely be improved on. 7/10.

We don’t need to know modern to know ugly.

Meh, yeah Dama, some of you have a clue, but not many.

And Maikel, how am I too into that ChaosGFX style…? If you’d ever visit there you would see that many people do it alot more than me. I’m not overdoing it.

And Fallon, I’ve lost respect for you lately. No, not just because of the ratings, because of alot more. Including the whole RSRush thing.

Actually, Maikel, that isn’t the “ChaosGFX” style. It’s pretty much everywhere, just some sites (like RsR) still do the old stuff.

to in it for GR…but dont get me wrong they are amazing sigs and id love to have one of those, but well Gr is still ‘‘dominated’’ By ‘‘Si Old Skool Stlye’’

And Dama its just my name for it :stuck_out_tongue:

Just because I’m not “a homie for life” with MKM, doesn’t mean I hate him. I apologised to him, and I hope we claered up our mess. I just think your self-consious of your ratings. If they’re not outstanding, that person is wrong.

Accept some of the truth. Life can be bitter. Life can be hell. Life can be what you make it. Make it good Alias.

That’s just it. GR is still in the old school period. Gamerenders, Chaosgfx, and alot of other sites do it.

I did say that that’s not all…

Vanish rules. :slight_smile: All I have to say. I was thinking of buying the first one, but I instead bought another.

I think that as a high status on GR, people lose their “nice”.

You were nice as a regular member of RSR, you were my idol.
As a HoL, you were still nice, but you were losing a bit of your touch.
You were okay as a moderator, just not as nice as way back when.
Now your just plain, flat-out rude. I gave you a rating, you told me why you didn’t like me.

…See a difference? I think so.

Yeah, I’ve noticed. I’m trying to improve myself, but many of GR’s members have been starting flaming me. That’s why I’ve gotten more “stupid”. Sorry, but atleast I try.

Trying is a success any man can reach, but only few do.

You are a great man Alias. Apologies are stitches fixing a torn blanket.

…Yes, I’m feeling lyrical.

Thanks, Fallon ;).

Meh, I’m still trying to be nice. Maybe it’s just because of the clock here in Norway. It’s 1:39am… I’m getting kindof tired.

Sleep is like Red Bull. Just weaker.

…Man, I got to lay off the poems. >.<

Alias, people have been flaming you and such because you are doing your job as a moderator, it comes with the title. And that’s is why some people can’t be mods, they can’t take the pressure of people disliking them.


I love your two new sigs, the new style you are bringing to RSR is sweet. I have seen it at many other places, but of course GR is too old school. GR isn’t ready for a drastic change like this.

I personally like the second one, with Jessica Alba. You did a good job with fonts and the contrast of it is very nice. The Halo one is very well done as well. Halo renders are really over-used, but you pulled it off with the effects and bursh work you did. Great Job, Alias, keep up the good work.