Two Training Milestones!

My pker has reached two milestones - 150,000 defense experience points and 75,000 hitpoints experience points. My pkers stats are shown in the pic. Goals are:

40+ attack
60+ defense
50+ strength

He is mainly an archer, but a fighter when need be. High defense is the perfect counterpart for high range.

[EDIT] - Since the pics were taken, I have since raised a defense level to 54 and a hitpoints level to 47.

Congratulations Archasgame5!

That is nice. You go and rock the RSC world :wink: 8) !!!

I’ll try.


[Update] - Defense exp. now 158,000.


yeah you go killing!

Yah go do it kill every single person you can fight in the wild dominate runescape classic!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Rofl, your PKer is stronger than my main. I’m so shi’ite.

yeah, congrats! thats a high milestone. congrats again!

Thank you. He now has almost 190,000 defense experience points (I have slowed down the training).

This week I pked on him, and got about 30 ruby ammies, plus 3 r2hs and some armor (black-addy).

nice stats, i had a guy almost just like that 40 40 50 wow i dont know how you get xp so quick…takes me 4 ever