Tyrants clan looking for members

Tyrant clan lokking for member to join u must at least have one of these skills
45 strenght, defence, and attack
40 archer
So if u like to join talk to me here are to me on runescape My name is
art-psi98 there too
c ya :twisted:

im a lvl 44 mage so ill join

ill join ive got 46 magic, as long as this is not a sisy clan then im there. when i pk i use deatrh runes so i can hit up to 18’s so can i join?

sure just talk to me on runescape and we see when we can go on r first pking riot. :twisted:

do we need any certain armor to jion and do u provide any items for the clan… like food and runes and arrows ? or armor?

all i can do is provide steel armor for figher, some runes for mages, and arrorws for arher. and some food like swordfish too.