tzhaar mines

you will need to pay 200 tokkul to enter

divided in 7 sections:

North area (four sections, all warriors 100% uncut gem based on the gem type made of):
Section 1: 28 sapphire rocks, 15 mining required, 30 second respawn, guarded by aggressive lvl. 40 sapphire warriors

Section 2 : 20 emerald rocks, 30 mining required, 45 second respawn, guarded by aggressive lvl. 60 emerald warriors

Section 3: 14 ruby rocks, 50 mining required, 2 minute respawn, guarded by aggressive lvl. 80 ruby warriors

Section 4: 9 diamond rocks, 65 mining required, 4 minute respawn, guarded by aggressive 120 diamond warriors

East area (golems drop either silver bars or gold bars 100% of the time):
32 silver rocks, 24 gold rocks, guarded by lvl. 25 silver golems and lvl. 50 gold golems (aggressive)

South area:
25 mithril rocks, 12 adament rocks (guarded by lots of Black Demons hahahahahaha!!)

West area (gate, pay 1k tokkul or 80 crafting for free):
5 dragonstone rocks (85 mining, 1 hour respawn), 4 runite rocks, and 3 oynx rocks (99 mining required, 3 hour respawn). BTW, guarded by a lvl. 345 dragonstone gargoyle (used ranged, magic and melee, all extremely painful even with prayer on). Don’t worry, it’s only one gargoyle and multcombat area (extremely rare cases, he’ll drop enchanted oynx jewellry or dragon armor).

The black demons aren’t the ordinary blk demons that you face, if they can’t reach you with melee, they shoot fireballs out of their mouths and into your face (does up to 30 hp pain without prayer, they are also lvl. 200).

i think it is a good idea, but rocks with 3 hours respawn, you know how people would react if they were 3 hours waiting for a rock to respawn, then a guy comes and get the stuff they’ve waited for
you could put the rune rocks to respawn at every 20 minutes like the normal ones
and the onix rock to respawn every 30 minutes
and there shouldn’t be onix or dragonstone rocks, i mean there aren’t any in the rest of the game

their are gem rocks allready, its called Shilo Village lol. btw onyx and dragonstone rocks, bad idea, major price drops

Do you know that nearly 95% of the time, you get these “worthless” gems (red topaz, opal, jade). Apparently, you can cut them (chance of failing) and sell for trading sticks.

That’s why I put oynx and dragonstone respawn time VERY long time.

i liek that idea…like what the other guy said,dragon and onyx,…bad idea…price drop vary bad major…but mining,good idea totally!

but like i said, what if a guy is waiting for 3 hours for a rock to respawn and then other guyn comes and mine it, the guy would be really furious, many people is capable of destroying their computer because of a trade, so many people would become so stressed that they would destroy their computer

yes, well those trading sticks will be valuable come december update. + with these new “rocks” you suggest it would destroy the price of gems… gems are meant to be rare, rarely will you find a giant deposit of them.

Well i think my mithril and addy mine rocks with strong blk demons that shoots fireballs into your face if they cant reach you with melee is balanced out.

As for the oynx dragonstone runite thing, did i told you about the oynx gargoyle?

there is to many rocks, jagex wouldnt let there be to many or it would become to crowded and mining would become simple and so would getting dragonstones

I tried to balance things out, like monsters (most likely strong one) guard the rocks and attack everyone.

And I hate going to the wild to mine mithril and I’m not a legend yet. And I hate noobs mining out the mithril.

BTW, high alchers would buy the mithril for 800 gp each, 1k of them, 800k. And the high alching guide said it is highly recommended to high alch mithril items.

the gem rock idea is good, but not the higher gems (dragonstone, onyx). the monsters having 100% drop rate isnt good either. i mean…lvl 80 dudes that drop rubys all the time? i would live there :smiley: lvl 80 isnt that strong. the drop rate should be like…1 in 5. 100% drop would be too much.

High lvls could live on the 120’s. They could kill lots of 120’s that drop diamonds, and make a huge profit.

well,y not just call of the gem rock idea,but not the metal idea,that way it sould be acceptable!

apparently, what do guys think about the blk demons guarding the mithril and addy rocks idea.

I don’t think anything but ppl from tazaar would guard the rocks. Anyway, a new mining site will hopefully come in the next installment of it.

the black demon idea is cool…like it!

Mmmm… it’s ok. I don’t like the dragonstone and onyx though, and there are too many places where you can mine…

~The bad man has spoken

8/10 niice idea

without the onyx and the dragon,thats a nice idea,xoron231.

You come up with some of the greatest ideas, but put some of the weirdest things in them. =\