Ucky! rantandraveit!im


ugh its Friday night and none of my friends are home they all went somewhere!!
im really bored I went for a walk and im still bored. I cant find anythign good to do. my skeptch pad is all full… nothign to do but be on here!! ughhhhh

anyone want to rant and rave about some really bugging sutffs thats been happening to them lately?

just to blow off some steam as i notice alot of tension at this place lately…

Um… go on www.runescape.com



Lol, Digit always has the solution :D.

This is spam pretty much.


pretty much, nah I would label it 100% spam, but thats why we like it :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate you all: you all can use runescape and I can’t grrr

we need an off topic off topic section…yikes…lock please.