Ugh! I''m sick of this.

Every day I am getting at least one pm here on realm asking for free money or stuff! So people, please stop doing this to me! It is noobish and aggrivating.

Wow, I never thought I would ever say this, but man I am glad I am poor. But seriously ppl, you need to grow up a little. If you are that desperate for money… I have an idea for you. GO MAKE IT YOURSELF! It is so time consuming to earn money, Nobody wants to just give it away after countless hours of work.

Woah, dang… That’s really sad… I’m really sorry that you have to go through all of those dumb PM’s that people send you for free money or stuff… I toast you on your patience… I’d probably blow a gasket if I kept getting those dumb PM’s… BTW, just tell them you just spent your money on a hard earned… Umm… Insert expensive dragon armor/weapon here and tell them that you had to trade other good items away to get the dragon Insert armor/weapon type here… It usually works with me while I play RS… People come up to me and follow me and ask for stuff… I just lightly say that I don’t have anything and that I just blew my money on something dumb and they just walk away and never bother me again… I don’t care if they think I’m a “poor dumb noob”, as long as they stop bothering me, I’m happy…

and soemtimes i get 2 or 3 a day, it is so annoying!

its probably because of ur sign

im not changing my sig because of stupid noobs

Yeah that would probally be it. Thats what happens when you show that your (semi)rich

purplexed soul, like i said before i am not changing it because of stupid noob beggars

I posted my message before I saw your previous one. But whatever. There is really no way to get rid of noob requests for money. It just happens. Just delete and ignore.

I seriously don’t get why noobs (Again, when I say noobs, I’m talking about new players who cheat, steal, scam, lie, do bad inappropriate things, etc. to get stuff that they want… AKA stuff that they do not deserve at all) think that people with good combat stats have good stuff… I’m glad I spend my time away from that kind of stuff… Although my mining’s pretty high and so are my other non-combat skills save for ranging and runecrafting…

calenel nice armour, dont bother changing ur sigs (i know you wouldn’t anyway) im pretty sure you can report to mods about those pms (isn’t it spamming?) dont let them worry ya, i’d love the attention unlike you the only pms i get are from you and ppl i pm myself :slight_smile: (lol forward the pms to me i’ll sort them out no bars hold :slight_smile: )

thanks, i_luv_rs

I was looking through the forum FAQ and found one that may interest you. “I am getting unwanted pm messages” I read it and RSR staff is working on a ignore user list option. So yeah, check that out if you want full details.

ah! ok thanks purplexed

If it’s any consolance to anyone, I kill beggars on RS :twisted: . Try it, it relieves a lot of stress.

lol if someone wants to know how to make money ill give em money but if they want me to give em money no way