Uh oh, it's the dagganoths again

Just been to slayer master, given me 134 dagganoths.

Some of you might remember my threda about me dying at dagganoths on waterbirth island, so i was wondering if there are any other dagganoths i can kill anywhere? Any that are less aggresive?

Lighthouse dungeon (Horror From The Deep Quest), rarely hits (6 is the max hit I think) and is great xp…

Thanks Jeffman, could you give me a link to a map of how to get there or just where it is? That would be great.

Give me a second, I’ll try to find one…

EDIT: Couldn’t find one so I made my own…
Quest Guide

Thanks Jeffman, your a great help. I’ve done horror form the deep so i’m alright with that.

Thanks again :smiley:

yeah those daggannoths are easy bring rune armor and you’ll be fine :smiley:

How do the daggonoths appear?


its funny how you knew about the waterbirth ones but not the ones under the light house, since the lighthouse ones came out about a year before waterbirth island.

I gave you dagganoths? SORRY!

they appear really quick and alot at a time but don’t hit hard, but not a good place to fall asleep :stuck_out_tongue:

lmfao nice one!