Uhh... 36,000 on Google?

Lol… typed me name on Google - no fake…

I’ve noticed that the number varies from 1800-1900 to 36000-37000

Dang! You have a popular name Jolio!


i searched ur name on images, it shows some of ur sigs…
i searched my name and i got a dr. phil thing lol

Yup. I would say your quite popular there.

Mine sucks :confused:

haha =P I got 4k results. >.< How’d you get 36k results? You pig. :wink:

jeez that alot =p

If anyone dares posts a link to googlefight I swear I’ll kill them… :stuck_out_tongue:

I think Handmedown only has around 13,000… but still pretty high

I have 499k on “Nicko” and 1.83k for “Nicko265”


Well ‘Nick’ is a persons name…

about 5k for xanther :smiley:

I have 473 for ohyeahhesbad… And 12.8 million for oh yeah he’s bad :D. I p00n you all!!! Mwhahahahaha!!!

~The bad man has spoken

I said “Nicko” not ‘Nick’ anyway nick is my name.
Nick: 89,700,000
Nicholas: 62,400,000


Crap, that’s a lot Jolio. :slight_smile:

Champion, neh?

Optare isn’t just your name…

The Optare Group - Bus and Coach Manufacturers
Optare solutions : consultoria tic, desarrollo de software …
Optare - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Optare Absurdus

I’m talking about a name that is unique.
Jolio is not unique I know but Joliojoilo is unique.

Mine has like 536 :slight_smile:

But… I dont think anyone else uses my name :-p

Nice i think mrfroster has around 300 :\

i’ve only got this…
Web Resultados 1 - 3 de aproximadamente 9 para “david_jpb” (0,22 segundos)

Yes, but it Nicko contains the word Nick, therefor it searches for Nick also.