hey, i was just wondering, who here plays/loves/likes ultimate frisbee?

cause both me and my bro play it and we love it

(also a good way to meet some chick on your team;))

so just post if you play it, what you like, etc…

Could you explain what it actually is?

little lost but, if your saying throwing a frisbee then yes I like it

I play it in gym. It is pretty fun. Although I can’t catch lol.


it’s a game where the object is to get the disc(what they call it to advoid being sued by the frisbee company) into the opponent’s zone by passing it to your teamates. when you get the frisbee/pick up the frisbee, you cannot move, only swivel on one leg to pass. there are 7 players for each team on the field at a time. the defensive team can block passes by knocking the disc out of the air or catching it. one person covers the thrower(or is supposed to…we need to work on that) and tries to stop him from passing to a team. game continues for a set amount of time or until one team gains 15 points(i think).

i could go on for a while but that’s the basics. lot of other things to know if you actually wanna play good. like handle, main handle, backdrop, stack…

and in case you’re wondering why only 15 points, it’s cause a lot of times the teams go for 5-10 minutes straight without scoring.(happened a lot last fall;))

(you can’t switch players on the field until one team scores;))

hope that gives you a good idea

Heh, that sounds pretty fun :slight_smile:

Thats sounds really complicated! I’ve seen people play it, there’s always Aussi’s in my park playing it. Looks awesome!!!

Tiefers plays it, hes on a good team. Hes pretty dam good himself. Dont talk to him much though…

I like it, sometimes we play it on the football field in gym

we sometimes play it, but unfortunatly my grade is full of incompetent people…so the game becomes a nightmare…

it’s not really all that complicated. it just looks complicated. like football rules…:pessimist

haha, that’s sucks doesn’t it. once you get good players on your team, it gets fun.

but the point of it really is to have fun…my ultimate coach wrote that in all caps on the letter we got:D

Ultimate Frisbee is awesome, I like throwing it at the opponent’s face. Hehe. :stuck_out_tongue:

On throw-offs, I hit this kid in the nuts… It was 1337.

I once got in a fight over Ultimate Frisbee

Hey bram, haven’t seen you on here much.

And yes, I play ultimate sometimes.

lmao! i hit this total ***** in the nuts too once…hee hee:D

that kinda betrays the purpose lol.

think that should be call hit 'n run frisbee :stuck_out_tongue:

and chris, i left rsr for like 3-5 months…just got back.

you got a lotta post scince what i last saw:hypnotize

ya, 5 months’ll do that to you :wink:

kinda off topic there but yeh :stuck_out_tongue:

and isn’t that “cowbells pwn joo!!!” a TAD old?

It’s kinda the only thing that has remained “constant” while I’ve been at RSR and I tend to keep it that way :slight_smile:

dude you played that crappy cowbell part more than a year ago and it sucked ass even then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

still, you might wanna change that avvy…it sucks! -barfs-:wink:

lol, don’t diss SNL. Or Will Ferrel.