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Quotes From Jagex

Player owned houses - Each player will be able to have their own unique house. Use the new carpentry skill to make new/rare things for your house. Using the farming skill to grow herbs and plants in the grounds of your house. Build your own private party areas and shop areas, and more!

Two new wood types and a new proboscis item to collect for future expansions.

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Skill Rumours (RUMOURS ONLY)

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Carpentry Links

What I think Jagex should do when carpentry comes out by Jesseeast1

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I know its not that long at the moment, but please submit more so I can keep this active :queen:

wel il have a cool house and il shal have partys every week :slight_smile: :party:

Nice idea - I never thought of parties!

Make houses in the Wildy and use them as a HQ for Clan Wars.

Actually, yeah, that’d be cool! Both of them! Though i’d make it next to the widli…

You could make a shop… :slight_smile:

how the heck can they have houses…i odnt get it…theres gotta be at least 50,000 members…AT LEAST could be alot more but im not sure…How can Runescape hold up to 50,000 houses??? there wouldnt be enough room for all of this

Read the entire thread and look at the threads at the ends of the links.

I think that the houses will be underground…

I dont. That’d be horrid.

and shop areas, and more! < look at that who was right about ppl being able to have their own bazaars? W00T W00T

Yeap! Its great!

I don’t know if you can store data or so =)like paul said,ftps don’t gonna have houses :s

Pauls does seem reasonable…

We should make a RSR mansion for the members of RSR. It can be a place where all of our parties are and a place where we can hang out.

Yeah, but I think theres already loads of things for RSR, a RSR Mansion would be going a bit far…

they are probably going to do houses like they did farms, they have designated spots and what is there is different for all members, ahopefully u can be able to invite ppl into ur house, or even better, break into ppls houses

Yeah, but I think it’d be best if you could choose whether you wanted to be broken into :stuck_out_tongue:

If you choose if you want your house to be broken into then breaking into a house won’t be fun.

But people might think it not fun to have their house broken into.