Up for some pking are we? One hour!

Once again, an infamous pking trip with Fallon and Wizardry.
Let’s lay down the usual rules.

1.World 85, varrock dummies
2. 50+ Combat (Cep’t Pures ;))
3.No Betraying, will end up in an automatic kill to you.
4.Prepare your own food.

Other than that, we will just be having a pk trip.
So far, Wizardry and I are coming, anybody want to join us?
The trip will start around 2:30 pm EST.

can’t come =[, going to a movie =]

Well then, lets not spam.

Me, as usual.

I’m pure level 47, so I’ll come if I have a chance. Not sure, I have some other stuff to handle.

Noober: Awsome
Paul: No problem.

i would like to come but cant some1 make me food please cause i am kind of busy and i do really like to ome

as u know ill post jsut to announce that im coming! hurray!

I’d like to come on my main, but I’ll have to fish some lobs first.

Bring your pure…I want to see how it stacks up with mine :p.

No, I want to bring my main. I just pked tons yesterday and this morning with my pure.

Im getting quite a few extra lobs so i should be able to privide a few for some people. If you realy cant get any then ask me when we meet. Il be on my pure in 5 mins up till the trip, its name is hodge pker pm me if you like.

I’ll come. I think I might be late though because I need to make some stew.

sounds cool im in. want me to bring my pure( sigeh) or my main (lvl 67 ranger)?

^ Don’t pk with stew, use fish.

archas, the quote in ur sig makes me want to cry :frown:

ill come if i feel like it…=]

17 min! come!!

you guys know I’m coming

ill come koolaidman52 level 66