ur a redneck if.....

1} Your toothbrush is a hand-me down
2} You think NYSNC is where the dirty dishes go
3} If you open a beer at a funeral
add on to it!!

Just a qeustion, is there any chances you know about Jeff Foxworthy? He is a good Redneck Comedian.

You know that youre a redneck if you have 20 kids and eat cooked squirrel for lunch.

hell yeah i know jeff foxworthy. Blue Collar TV yeah

Ur a redneck when u sell ur soul to the devil for a pack of cigar.
Ur a redneck when ur mother’s ur sister! 8O

lol i opened a can of soda at a funeral during the procession

i used to go to school with one of jeff foxworthy’s nieces

If you missed 5th grade graduation cause you had jury duty,i dont need to finish this sentence

if the tires on your tuck cost more than the truck itself

ur a redneck if when your mowing the lawn you have to go around the family car. :twisted:

Your a redneck if you have a home that is mobile and 4 cars that arent.

you might be a redneck if your ricjest relative buys a new home and you have to help change the tires on it

you might be a redneck if you stare at a bottle of orange drink because it said concentrate

nope im not a redneck :smiley: :smiley:

dude the thing with the orange drink and concentrate is a blonde joke

u might be a redneck if u bring a turkey call to school

yeah but the orange juice thing was also on blue collar comedy tour, speaking of which, i get to go see larry the cable guy live in march.

You might be a redneck if you go to a family reunion to meet women.

You might be a redneck if you work with your shirt off, and so does your husband.

lmao the shirt one is the one i was trying to remember, one of my favs, there is also this…

you might be a redneck if you think fast food is hitting a deer at 65mph.

you might be a redneck if your mom keeps a spit cup on the ironing board

you might be a redneck if you go to a yard sale to buy things to sell at your yard sale

if you go to the family reunion to meet women you migh be a redneck

lol these are funny

there is also

  • If ur mom comes out of the bathroom and says" Yall come look at this before i flush it"

  • If your 2 year old has more teeth than u

  • If the Alien Hotline limits u to one call per day

  • If u’ve been on tv 5 or more times describing how the tornado sounded

  • If u smoked during ur wedding

  • If u walk to school with your son because hes in the same grade as u