USA vs The World (war video)

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created by kdragon

Sweeet am i the first to watch? GREAT VID…i am wondering whats an op? everyone says 200 op!

OMG!!! total MASSACRE!

you two didnt even watch the video… i just posted it and this thread isnt even 5 mins old and the video is 27 mins long

i think its ovbious that us owns all … and u should try to do sumptin about the blur, but other then that, its cool.
lol btw. im watching it right now, ots really big.

and another person who didnt watch the video

Lol I was going to say something about that… But you beat me to it Blink.
Watching it as I type…

i post videos for a reason so you guys can watch them. obviously some ppl just act liked they watched them

lol, some ont sayd world on dontblink lmao hehe and blink wat lvl ru?

just got done watching the video my self i relized i was the last usa to die :o

yah i watched like 5min of the war the world was owning ( GO CANADA)

speed it up 18mins and 50 seconds into the video if u wanna watch me die lol

That was great… My favorite part…
Someone: Just die
Dontblink2: Y

cool! how do you make thes movies from runescape?

does it take like the first 1-5 min for it to show cause right now its just black or is my comp just messed?-wait nvm i looked at it again and its fine, very nice but its long and the music is funny.

Dang, that’s a cool video, I like the end when he gets that pk with tele runes! =p

This is a sweet video! I’m watching it right now-about 5 minutes in. Too bad you died, blink. :(.


pakis vs usa? wtf?

EDIT: eh…ok…but how does pakis mean the world?

Lol, really cool! Blink is tough I have to say… im only 74 lvl… Logging into rs2 thinking that I will get combat to 126…

Lol, I was wondering that…

And sorry Blink, but my attention span doesn’t last 27 minutes, I skimmed through it though to watch you die :stuck_out_tongue:

~ ewok