Vacation. w00t. She's gone!

Weeesh. Sela is off to Lake LBJ! June 9th through the 30th, my family has rented a lakehouse, and I won’t have any access to a computer. What will RSR do without me for almost a month? Le sniffle. Ah, probably celebrate. =D Anyway, just thought I’d let anyone who cares know. I shall be hanging around until Thursday. I’mma miss you guys. Sniffle, sniffle.

have fun anyway… lol

lmao Lake Bj…sry just found that funny. ahh well have fun there! hope u come back soon!

Le sniffle… Aww we’ll miss you here Sela! You’re a really great person here at RSR! Looking forward to seeing you come back!.. Also hope you have a whole lot of fun at your family’s lakehouse! (My family has a lakehouse… Well not really a beach house… On Nantucket but whatever lol)

Sela is leaving for a month? Time to party! :party:

Lol, jk. Well have fun on your trip. :wave:

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

Ohhhh its Lake LBJ! sry for the confusion in my last post…lmao

Woo! Yay she’s leaving! There goes the spam! :stuck_out_tongue: Just kidding, Sela is leaving us :frowning: Have fun!


I feel the love.

Red, you are the 2nd best spammer around, so shush. =)


Im gonna miss you
<3 sela

Have fun, look forward to your return to RSR. Can’t wait to hear how your trip was!

(Crap, now the off-topic forum’s gonna be even more boring)

Aweee. :slight_smile: <3 Danneh Wanneh. Maybe I could call ya or something. =D

… And yes. Off-topic shall be nothing without me!.. =D… Unless by some weird, mystical miracle Netteh begins posting again… -.-

Lmao, yea forgot you had my number =)

What will RSR do witout you you ask? well it will prosper for one :slight_smile: you wont be missed too much after the 3rd day :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually, I don’t. I wrote it down on my arm. Then took a shower…

… So… Wanna give it to me again? =D

EDIT: … Owl, that cut me deep…

Woot, Rock on brother! And Dan, don’t give her your number, save it for Sammy!

… You will never be one of my loves! Sniffles. No nickname for you now!

my god here we go again with the spam…

Pfft… Sammy’s at camp for a month :stuck_out_tongue: But I just gave it to her for chatting. I get like… free nationwide so it doesn’t matter.

Sammy? Is this a new love? =)

… I have to keep my hands to myself at the lake. =) Scotteh would not be a happy camper. So maybe I should keep my phone to myself too.

Thanks JT!! =)

ok i’ll miss you everyone get in the picture god-chaser get in the middle with Sale
smile every one this is a Kodak Moment!