Vaping - Anyone else caught up in the hype?

"Anyone else caught up in the vaping/e-cigarette hype? I remember Kato was a huge proponent of e-cigs back in 2011/2012ish, but most of us were probably a bit too young to be smoking yet. I picked up smoking cigarettes during a deployment in 2013, and have smoked on and off for about 2 years now. However, I’ve picked up vaping as a means of cessation, and it’s worked pretty effectively. I really only smoke at work or in social settings these days.

I began my vaping voyage back in 2013 with a MVP 2 and some clone tank. I enjoyed it, but the technicalities frustrated me and I wound up going back to cigs. However, in 2014, I found myself entering the world of mech mods, box mods & RDAs, and recently got into RBAs and am loving vaping again.

I currently own an IPV3, Smok Magneto II, Doge v2 RDA and a Kanger Subtank Mini RBA. I build my own coils and have gotten progressively better, so if you have any questions about it, I can definitely help :slight_smile: (though not as much as your local vape shop can).

Anyone else vaping away? :cool:"

Nah, I haven’t smoked a cigarette or vaped. I have no interest in getting into it either.

"I personally have never vaped, but I get annoyed at people who got on to the bandwagon of vaping and use it for social status and to be cool. I know many people who have used it as a way to get off smoking cigarettes, and it has worked amazingly well. And for those people, I think vaping is great and it should stay around. But just like everything, people find ways to abuse the good things. It’s because of the abusers, that vaping is now facing stricter legislation. Because of the abusers, vaping is being scrutinized. It’s also being fought by the cigarette companies, and because of the abusers, these companies are actually winning because they show the bad results of doing it.

So that’s my two cents on the topic."

Everything is going to be regulated, because we live in the Corporate States of America and that’s part of our social contract. We give up some of our freedoms so the government can hire people to research its side effects. In regards to people vaping for leisure, I don’t have an issue with it. They’re mostly using nicotine free variants, and it’s fun in the same way that people smoke hookah or cigars in social settings. I only have a problem with the “asshole vapers” who vape indoors without asking the business owner, and try to convince them that it’s “just water vapor” when the owner of a private business tells them to stop. That’s whats giving vapers a bad name. It’s going to be regulated, no matter how much we fight it. And just as easy as it is to buy marijuana, it’ll be even easier to buy unregulated vape products.

What a fitting thread for me to come back to RSR and see! Currently tooting away on my Sigelei 150W with a 26650 Tobh clone on it. The 26650 size tobh allows for a super deep drip well meaning I only have to drip every once in a while. I’m currently doing two nano coils, dragon wrapped. On my mechanical I’m working on two 4/5 wrap dual coils at .2 ohms. The sigelei comes out to .5 even ohms at 5.5 volts right now (60 watts even). On the sigelei I’m vaping Kitty Milk with an extra flavor shot 80/20 at .3 and on the mech I’m vaping Milkshakes with raspberry, blackberry, sweet cream and extra flavor. Both juices from Dr Crimmy’s. Definitely suggest to check them out.