Varrock banks help

hey, u know in the basement and top floor of the varrock banks how theres the chests and all the gold stuff, is there a key anywhere in runescape that opens the gates? and also, how much gold is in the gold coin piles on west varrock bank, does any1 know and is it woth using the grab on it?
sickmate 8)

there is no key and its not worth telegrabbing unless you want mage exp…

Nope. There’s not a key for either gate. People usually try selling brass keys to get into them, but they never make it very far before someone calls them a scammer. I wouldn’t use tele grab on any item in the bank, unless you have an over-abundance of law runes that you want to waste. The only time I use tele grab is if some “inexperienced” player (I figured it’s nicer than saying noob…) gives me a law and tells me what to get for them. Also, the only thing in there that would be worth grabbing is the ruby ring, but that’s too far away for tele grab. It’s just there to taunt you.

dam that sux
sickmate 8)