vBulletin or Invision Power Board?

Yeah, i’m getting one of those. Which is best? Why?

They are both great but IPB is easy to use and it is cheaper.
VB is better in that it provides you with more opportunities and it can be much more useful but it costs a lot more and is meant for advanced users

I’m going to have an IPB. :slight_smile:

yeah I would say IPB cause I say so

I’d say IPB, vB is a little limited by my standards.

Thanks. This poll is over now :slight_smile:

If you need Help Wit IPB i will assist you

I’d recommend IPB for beginners because it’s alot easier to customize. I wouldn’t go to vB forums until you really know what you’re doing. IPB is free as well so I’d recommend that although with vB there are alot more features.

I would recomend none of them and check free and sometimes better solutions


To late Frenchy we already all got IPB so we are set and yes I think it is much better then any of the systems on your list

Your loss :wink:

So… Anyone got a free IPB available? :wink:

I gots an IPB fo free. I paid the licence

obsidiangames@msn.com is the adress :wink:

kk ill send it from my gmail ( thebwe45@gmail.com )

Thanks! I’ll check my email in a few days, I can’t do it right now.

Says cannot be recieved: inbox full

Add me on MSN.

Ill Upload it on a site and send u teh link