vBulletin - Used By Al Qaeda

vBulletins (this forum) new marketing slogan.

I was watching the news and it was talking about Al Qaeda (the terrorsist group) and they showed a website of it and I noticed that it was a vBulletin forum. This should definately be their claim to fame.

Go us.

The users of a terrorist organisation communication system!

Maybe we got here first. =O The posers!

They pay for vBulletin? Couldn’t they get tracked down that way?

Probably, but I’m sure the US knows exactly where all th Al Quaeda major people are, except Osama.

But they arn’t arresting/detaining them beacuse…? :wink:

Do I look like George Bush? Lol, I have no idea.

Here ask here

Do you think vBulletin has like this customer privacy thing where they don’t track who pays? I don’t know just a guess maybe.

Burning them in secret is just so much more fun.

LOL Good one…Anyway thats kinda disturbing…okay VERY disturbing. (I’ve always known Keyser wasn’t who he said he was) jk

Lol. I don’t know about this. No offence to anyone but I highly doubt either Osama is real or that hes still alive. Nothing adds up.

Hah… Al Qaeda uses vBulletin LOL… I’d go to his site with the name “George W Bush” and talk about how we’re gonna kill them… trys to find a word…