vegetairians and carnivors

do you think its right to eat meat?
i do :stuck_out_tongue: i wanna see peoples views, my view is that vegetarians are worse then carnivors by a long shot… the say dont kill animals, but animals arnt vital to our servival…plants on the other hand are, they produce oxygen with the carbon dioxide we breate out, they keep the land from becomeing dry and baron, they keep the homes of animals and provide the animals food… the very cretures they say not to kill… yet there probly doing worse :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I like food in a general opinion so it’s not my place to judge food because it’s a vegetable or a meat… But yeah, some people do believe that killing animals and eating they’re meat is wrong… But I also know vegetarians who don’t like meat for the fact that it just tastes bad in their opinion…