Very Cool Poster of 2012 US Budget

Amazing how many little things the US Gov spends money on…

The state of the U.S. balance is just depressingly bleak. People realize the financial situation is very bad, but I mean… it’s just incomprehensibly bad.

I really wish we would just snap out of it and do something serious about it. 60% of the budget to national security is plain disgusting. That’s about six times the military expenditure of China.

True, defense spending is our greatest single expenditure, however to make that comparison fair you should also take into account that a large portion of the Chinese budget isn’t publicly known - the Pentagon estimates the Chinese military budget in 2011 to be near $160 billion compared to the stated $60 billion. Then there’s the impetuous for our spending - we need to project our power around the world, while China is still pursuing a regional (and cheaper) strategy.

But that’s not the main issue - we still spend a ridiculous amount of money that we don’t have, things need to be cut across the board.

I believe that too many people are taking advantage of welfare and other programs like that. People aren’t looking for jobs because whatever jobs are available don’t compare to how much they make on welfare. Welfare should be given out to people who desperately need it, and should be the lowest possible amount of money that people need to live. At a public school near my school, 70% of the students who attend get free lunch because their families make less than $20,000 a year… total. Yet my best friend’s dad is the vice principal and he sees some of these same kids’ parents rolling up in brand new cars. Makes a lot of sense. We need to do a better job seeing who we are giving our money to.

You hit it right on trev, goes back to that old adage - “better to teach a man to fish…”, handing out money does very little, especially when that some “free” money could funneled towards projects that would improve the nation AND provide jobs. However, government spending isn’t the answer, the free market is much more efficient (albeit choppier in the short term) at creating lasting progress, so there’s no easy right answer here.