VERY N00b bank and stats

blah…I know I’m poor…but its because I bought like 1.4k maples for fletching…and than spent some on runes to get to 56 mage…oh well tell me what I should do for money, I currently have like 1k lobs(i’ve been fishing since I took the pic) and I’m going for 76 fish which is like 4k lobs away…anything else I could do?

not that bad for ur lvl, but nothing amazing 8.9/10 :smiley:

Its a so-so bank =0

it’s not that much of a noob bank, it’s better than mine, only 27k cash :wink:

I’m the same level as you, and it’s better than mine :s

7-10 not bad for your lvl

It isn’t that bad, pretty good wc and fishing.